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Pulse DIB-2P. Two Channel Passive D.I. Box

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 DIB-2 Dual Channel Passive D.I. Box.

Simple, but rugged, passive D.I. box which requires no powering from either a battery or mixing console.
Converts unbalanced signals from items such as keyboards, laptops, drum machines, acoustic guitar pickups, etc into balanced signals to safely send down a multicore. Great for stereo sources such as keyboards, laptops, etc.

- 2 x Unbalanced XLR (F)/1/4" combi inputs.
- 2 x Balanced XLR output to main PA mixer.
- Attenuation switch: 0/-20/-40 db for matching output level to mixing consoles input. Avoids distortion at mixer mic pre.
- Ground lift switch to eliminate and ground loop hum.
- Rugged metal chassis with arched top for additional strength and four chunky corner pieces.
- Recessed, protected, connectors and switches.

Frequency Response: 15hz - 30khz.
Input Impedance: 50 kohms.
Outpur Impedance: 600 ohms.
S/N Ratio: >95db
Dimensions: 130 x 60 x 150mm
Weight: 580g.

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