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Pulse PLS00543 'N-Pack'. Microphone, Cable, Clip, and Case Pack

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We love the PLS00543. 
The Pulse PM580 is a popular choice for a budget mic. It looks like an SM58, and it's built into a sturdy, metal chassis. 
But sound-wise the PLS00543 wins hands down. It produces a better balanced sound with a much cleaner, clearer mid-high reproduction. It is built into a plastic shell, so may not be quite as robust as the PM580, but it sounds great. 
As standard, the only accessory it's supplied with is an XLR - Jack cable which these days is about as much use a chocolate tea pot with 95% of microphone inputs now on XLR. 
So we've put this right by packaging the PLS00543 with a high quality 6 metre XLR - XLR cable with black metal low vis XLR connectors, a nice quality rubberised mic clip, all stored in a sturdy foam lined ABS microphone case. 
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