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Pulse PWM100VHF-BP Headset / Lapel Wireless Microphone System.

Condition: New
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Effective, easy to use wireless microphone system offering the choice of headset or lapel microphone types. 
Please note: this is a single channel microphone system so a choice of supplied headset or lapel mics can be used, but NOT simultaneously.
The PWM100VHF-BP utilizes the VHF frequency band which means you don't need a license. The PWM100VHF-BP is available in 174.500mhz frequency band. Two additional channels can be added by using the PWM200VHF dual channel beltpack or handheld wireless system  (these systems use 173.800, and 175.000mhz frequencies so can be used with the PWM100VHF to form a 3 channel system.
Easy to use and setup, the PWM100VHF-BP offers high quality speech sound in either lapel or headset formats ideal for education, business and worship sound applications. 
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