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Pulse PWM2000UHF-HH Dual Channel Handheld Wireless UHF Microphone System

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Pulse PWM2000UHF-HH Dual Channel UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone System. 
Great sounding, incredible value for money wireless microphone system with two independent transmitters and receiver channels.

- Two handheld transmitters with great sounding microphone capsule. Warm, detailed sound with minimal feedback.
- License free UHF 863-865mhz frequencies.
- Two receiver channels with independent parameter control, LCDs, LEDs, and outputs. So each mic signal can be assigned to it's own mixer channel with separate EQ, level control, processing, etc.
- Frequency agile system. 8 frequencies are available, so if someone in the area is using your frequency you can just switch. 
- PLL synthesized systems. monitors signal strength at each aerial then silently switches to the strongest. Maximises signal integrity and reliability. 
- Two digital LCD display for easy parameter setting on receiver and transmitter.
- Detachable aerials for easy transportation.
- Receiver is housed in heavy duty metal case  
- 8 hours use from two AA alkaline batteries. 
- Foam lined ABS carrying case included. 
- Jack or XLR outputs.

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