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RAM Audio Power Amplifiers

RAM Audio: The 'Next' Power Amps.

Take it from us. These amps are AMAZING! 
If you haven't heard what high headroom power amplification can do for your sound system then get in touch and arrange a time to come in and hear one of our large scale PA systems driven by a RAM amplifier. 
Truly pro quality sound for all applications including large sub bass systems. Huge power output and high headroom. Extreme lightweight and portability. Flexible 4 channel (quad) models that can be used to drive entire monitor or front-of-house systems. Optional DSP processing cards for on board filtering, EQ and delay processing removing the need for large outboard equipment racks. All features of these professional power amps.
Everything about RAM amplifiers screams quality. They turn on and off almost completely silently. The handles are distinctive and beautifully machined. The chassis is constructed from thick gauge material and is definitely not for flexing. 

RAM Audio S Series 4 Channel Power Amplifiers

Take the RAM Audio S6044 for example. Lightweight, high power, 4 channels, flexible routing. Delivering 4 x 1480 watts (RMS into 4 ohms) in a compact 2U chassis weighing only 6.8kgs, this amp is capable of driving complete PA or monitor systems with power and headroom to spare.

RAM Audio Zetta Series.

Zetta Series offer the sound quality, power, and weight advantages of RAM amplifiers in simplified packages without the processing options. A range of 2 and 4 channel amps with power ratings up to 2 x 1000 or 4 x 1000 watts, all weighing in at between 5kgs and 6.5kgs. 

RAM Audio Packages:

Be sure to check out our RAM/Peavey VSX processing packages. A powerful 4 channel RAM amplifier with Peavey VSX26e, or VSX48e 2 or 4 channel procssing. All built into a foam suspended flight case with front or rear mounted patch panel options. Ideal for sound pros requiring high power, flexibility, but extreme portability. 


Please note: Prices on all RAM Audio amps are UK RRP's. Attractive discounts are available, and we will better any price from any genuine dealer price throughout Europe. Please contact us. 


RAM Audio Product Catalogue. PDF.
RAM Audio Zetta Series Specifications.PDF