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RAM Audio Zetta Series

RAM Audio's new Zetta Series amplifiers bring RAM's high powered, ultra-lightweight power amplifiers within reach of more budget conscience clients. 
By taking advantage of improvements in mixed surface mount technology and through hole electronic assembly, these amps offer great value without compromise to sound quality, performance or reliability.
The 4 channel versions offer power outputs of up to 4 x 1000 watts and the 2 channel versions 2 x 1750 watts, all in 2U chassis less than 25cm deep and and less than 6kgs in weight. 
4 channel versions offer great flexibility with dual or bridge modes for each channel pair. So they can be used as high powered 2 channel amps (for Front-of-House sustems), 4 channel amps (great for monitor systems) or as a three channel system with a stereo amp and a third mono channel. (ideal for complete full range Front of House systems with mid/high cabinets and subs.)
All specifications a conservatively rated at <0.05% distortion.
A damping factor >400 makes these amps suitable for driving large sub bass speakers as well as full range systems.

- Unmatched audio quality, high efficiency class H design.
- 2 and 4 channel versions with power outputs from 1000 to 4000 watts.
- Ultra lightweight, compact package. 6kg, less than 25cm depth.
- Upside down component mounting avoids dust accumulation.
- Flexible operation; stereo or bridge mono modes.
- Full suite of protection features including clip limiting, temperature, turn-on, DC, etc.
- Detented gain setting controls for accurate channel gain matching.