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RCF M18 18 Channel Digital Mixer. IOS/Android Control.

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Special Order Item. Delivery Approx' 1 Week. 

Of all the tablet controlled digital mixers, the M18 stands head and shoulder above the others. 
It has the best thought out and comprehensive software/control package, the best sounding effects including amazing amp modelling plug ins for guitarists and bass players, and it works straight out of the box with dual band wifi built in without the need for an external router. 
The only thing we don't like about it is that you can't rack mount it straight out of the box but this is solved with an additional rackmount kit. Take a look at our 'gig-ready' solutions in the 'related products' section. 

The Noizeworks is the place to come for the M18. Our busy soundhire department use M18s, so nobody knows it quite like we do!

RCF M18 Specs / Brochure can be downloaded here:


Paul White's rather excellent Sound On Sound review is also available here:

RCF M18 Review (Sound On Sound).pdf

- 8 mic/line mono input channels and 5 stereo line inputs. 
- 8 outputs. 2 'main' outs and 6 fully assignable aux outputs. 
- Control from RCF MixRemote software for Mac IOS or Android. See image 2 
- 3 studio grade effects processors. FX1 is a studio quality reverb, FX2 is a professional delay with tap-time control. FX3 covers chorus, phasing, flanging modulation type effects. Fully assignable with send from any channel. See image 3.
- 2 amp modelling channels. 2 line inputs can be switched to HiZ mode for guitars and basses with a range of classic amps. See image 4.
- 4 band parametric EQ on each input channels with choice of Standard, Vintage, or Smooth algorithms. An Easy option offers simplified EQ control. 
- 4 band parametric EQ on aux outputs, with graphic EQ, Valve Warmer, Xciter and Maximizer plugins for the 'main' outputs. 
- Stereo recording to USB stick, or up to 4 track playback via USB. 

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