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Sennheiser XSW Custom Instrument Wireless Systems

Sennheiser wireless microphone systems are rightly world renown for their reliability, usability, and sound quality, and account for a large percentage of wireless microphone systems sold worldwide. XS Wireless 1 and XS Wireless 2 beltpack systems are, naturally, available with a range of Sennheiser's own microphone's but XSW1 and XSW2 systems also make a great base for other microphones and products to cover an almost limitless range of applications especially for live music instrumentalists seeking wireless freedom.
So here you'll find Sennheiser XSW1 and XSW2 systems partnered with microphones suitable for flute, violin, viola, mandolin, acoustic guitars, etc as well as discreet beige headset and lapel microphones not readily available from the Sennheiser range of microphones. 
We use the XSW1 and XSW2 guitar systems as a base system and all the systems here come supplied with the guitar system cable, so all they can all be used with electric guitar as well as the custom packaged microphone for additional flexibility (not simultaneously, these are single channel systems.)
All the products here are supplied in Channel 70 frequency sets for license free use in the 863-865 frequency band for general/musician use. Channel 38 systems are also available, but Channel 70 will be supplied unless otherwise specified. 
Please allow 3 working days for shipping on these items, 4/5 working days for delivery. 

Sennheiser wireless systems are brilliant, but clients on a tighter budget should check out our other instrument wireless pages for systems starting at just £109.  

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