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Sennheiser XSW2 Proel HCM23 Discreet Headset or Lavalier System.

Condition: New
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Sennheiser wireless systems offer unmatched performance at every price point, but Sennheiser still supply large black, bulky headsets with their presenter systems. 
So we've put together a package that combines the reliable, easy to use, reliable Sennheiser XSW2 wireless system with the great sounding Proel HCM23 discreet, beige headset microphone. 
To offer further flexibility, Sennheiser's ME2 lapel /tieclip mic is included so you have the choice of headset or lapel mic. Ideal for education, worship, and business applications where mic flexibility is required. Please note: the mics can not be used simultaneously, this is a single channel system. 
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