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Soundcraft Signature 10 Mixing Console.

Condition: New
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The smallest of the Signature Series, the 10 still packs many features into it's compact chassis, alongside the legendary sound quality delivered by Ghost Pre-Amps and Sapphyre EQ. Lexicon effects are on-board and two dbx limiters are available on the first two mic pre-amps. 
The Signature 10's compact design and great sound quality make it ideal as both a compact live mixer, but also as an analogue 'front' end for home and project studios. 
- 6 mono mic/line channels with 'Ghost' mic pre amps for the best sounding mic pre amps on any compact console..
- 2 stereo line channels. 
- 3 band Sapphyre EQ with mid sweep on mono input channels for powerful, musical equalisation of signals. 
- 3 band fixed EQ on stereo line inputs. 
- 3 auxes all with pre/post switching for flexible aux routing. So you can have 3 post fade effects sends for studio use, or  2 pre (monitors) and 1 post (internal effects) for a live setup.
- On board single engine Lexicon effects for pristine reverbs, delay, chorus. 
- dbx limiters on channels 1 and 2 for optimal mic level and performance.

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