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Speaker Cables

The Noizeworks series of speaker cables cover all bases. From a budget speakon cable, to high end truly professional products, we've got it covered. 
Despite being very affordable our basic range are not cheap speakon cables.  They feature flexible, great sounding German made Comus cable combined with high quality generic type connectors. 
A range of gauges are available from 1.5mm - 4mm so smaller gauges are available for small to medium setups and short cable runs to larger gauges for higher ppower systems and longer lengths. 

Electro-Voice have a very handy cable loss calculator on their website for calculating signal losses in speaker cables using power, cable length and speaker impedance. 


Naturally, we supply and terminate Van Damme Black Series speaker cable. This is amongst the very best PA speaker cables there is, and we have 1.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4mm types. 
We can also supply Van Damme multicore speaker cables for multi-speaker arrays or sub/mid high combinations.

Many popular options are available below, but since we assemble all these cables ourselves we are able to make pretty much any length or type as a custom speaker cable.