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Stacking Microphone Stand. Pack of 3

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Great quality stacking microphone stand. 
Pack of 3. 

Great for venues, rehearsal spaces, touring artists, education, business establishments and churches.

Stack up to 6 stands on to save storage space. 
We recommend caution when purchasing budget mic stands. We've experienced most 'budget' types and some of them are truly terrible. We think these are by far the best and most durable. We've been selling these for several years with little/nothing in the way of returns or problems. All the stands here feature case aluminium bases and high quality friction locks. 

- High quality rubberized tighteners for easy height and tilt adjustment.
- Twist grip adjuster for quick height adjustment.
- Height adjustment from 890 -1500mm
- Base diameter 250mm
- Thread adaptor for use with a variety of mic clips.
- Cable clip for tidy arrangement of cables.

Weight: 2.65kg each

Colour: Black

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