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Peerless By Tymphany Loudspeakers

FSL Series Woofers

A range of powerful, efficient but competitively priced pressed steel chassis PA woofers. 
European design meets far Eastern manufacture to produce a range of high performance products suitable as replacement drivers or self build PA speakers/systems. 
Two of each 10", 12", and 15" drivers are available (one high power, one not so high power) and a single 600 watt 18" form the product line up.  
The FSL Series deliver power and efficiency and are also characterised by an extended mid-range with 12 and 15" versions delivering meaningful output up to 3.5 - 4khz so they can be interfaced with lower power higher frequency H.F. units in two way systems, although they will need to be quite efficient. 

Peerless FSL Series Specs:

The following data sheets contain full specifications, features, Thiele Small parameters and frequency/impedance plots for FSL Series drivers.

Peerless FSL-1015R02-08 Specifications.pdf
Peerless FSL-1020R02-08 Specifications.pdf
Peerless FSL-1220R02-08 Specifications.pdf
​​​​​​​Peerless FSL-1225R02-08 Specifications.pdf
​​​​​​​Peerless FSL-1520R02-08 Specifications.pdf
​​​​​​​Peerless FSL-1530R01-08 Specifications.pdf
​​​​​​​Peerless FSL-1830R03-08 Specifications.pdf