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Wharfedale Pro Mixing Consoles.

Wharfedale Pro's SL Series mixing consoles offer excellent sound quality and a surprisingly comprehensive set of facilities at highly attractive prices. 
All the consoles feature a powerful 3 band channel EQ even on the line input channels and a full duplex stereo USB interface for digital recording and playback, as well as a great sounding, 16 preset, on board digital effects processor for reverb and delay. 
The larger SL824USB and SL1224USB feature channel insert points for external processors such as gates and compressors, individually switchable per channel phantom power for condenser mics, and a comprehensive 3 way aux section for stage monitoring and internal/external effects routing. 
SL Series are great for portable live sound, installed live sound, and for home recording setups and make ideal partners for Wharfedale Pro's Titan D and Titan AX Series active loudspeakers. 

Wharfedale Pro SL Series