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Wharfedale Pro PMX Systems

Wharfedale Pro's PMX Systems offer an excellent option for entry level gigging and rehearsal. Based around the lightweight, hi-tech PMX Series mixer/amplifiers with specially developed matching PT Series loudspeakers, these systems deliver clear intelligible sound in lightweight, very portable packages. 
Two systems are available. The PMX500 System offers a 5 channel, 150 watt mixer amp with digital effects and graphic EQ alongside the PT8 8" speakers. Ideal for portable speech and vocal applications. 
The PMX700 System has a 2 x 150 watt, 6 channel mixer/amp with digital effects and stereo graphic EQ matched with the PT12 12" loudspeakers. For speech, vocals, backing tracks and keyboards. 
Both the systems come with a DM1.0 dynamic microphone with cable and 2 x speaker cables. 
Check out the PMX Series mixer/amp brochure below. 
Our location in East London / Essex puts us in the perfect position to supply and support Wharfedale Pro products for clients in Kent, Herts, and Sussex, as well as London, Essex and throughout the South East. We also have express shipping to all UK destinations. 

Wharfedale Pro PMX Series Brochure. View/Download/Print.pdf 
Wharfedale Pro PMX500 System
Wharfedale Pro PMX500 System
Wharfedale Pro PMX700 System
Wharfedale Pro PMX700 System