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Wharfedale Titan AX Series Active Loudspeakers

​​​​​​​Wharfedale Pro's Titan AX Series is the latest development of the very popular Titan range of active PA speakers. 
Wharfedale's Titan Series are great sounding, very lightweight, versatile and have an enviable reputation for reliability sadly not always shared by other products in this class. 
Now with new bass and high frequency drivers and an upgraded DSP package, the Titan AX's are now amongst the best active speakers. 
Suitable for front of house and monitoring applications in portable PA systems as well as for use in installed sound systems via a range of wall mounting brackets and flying points. 
A range of high quality, reasonably priced carrying bags are also available. See 'related products' with product listings. 
Wharfedale Pro are one of the few manufacturers of professional loudspeaker products that research, develop and manufacture their own loudspeaker transducers and the AX Series features the latest developments loudspeaker drive unit technology. 

IRIS-X Loudspeaker Drive Unit Technology:

New IRIS-X Drive unit technology delivers greater efficiency through larger voice coil radius. IRIS-X drive units turn more electrical energy into sound and produce less heat. Heat within drive unit voice coils wastes energy, produces distortion and risk damage.  In the real world, IRIS X technology allow Titan X Series speakers to deliver higher sound pressure levels with less distortion in prolonged high volume use. 

Versatile Mixer Section:

Titan AX Active speakers feature a versatile 2 channel mixer section with a mic/line input and line input channels. This means that they can be used as stand alone vocal systems. Just plug in a wired mic or wireless microphone system and you have a complete,self contained vocal PA system ideal for educations seminars and portable business and worship sound. 
A powerful 6 setting easy to use DSP/EQ section allows you to select from a range of optimised settings including flat, monitor, speech, bass, punch and live which deliver optimal sound depending on application. 
Other DSP functions include limiting and compression to protect speakers from accidental overload, delay/time alignment of drive units, and crossover control.

Power Amplifiers Section:
New switch-mode power amplifiers maximise sound whilst minimising weight. A bi-amp system is employed with separate amps for low and high frequency sections hugely improving system efficiency and performance compared to single amp/passive crossover systems employed by some competing products. 

Fittings and Mounting:
WharfedalePro's Titan AX Series 
features one of the most versatile cabinets around. AX12 and AX15 can be stand mounted for front-of house applications via 35mm lockable stand mount fitting and they can be used as floor monitors thanks to their angled sides. 
Wall brackets fittings are available for the WPB-1 wall bracket and M6/M8 threaded rigging points are available for safe suspension of the speakers. Please refer 'flying' and wall mounting of speakers to qualified personnel. 

The new Wharfedale Pro Titan AX are the prime choice for musicians, artists, educators and installers requiring high quality, versatile and highly portable sound. Their sound quality is matched only by their portability and versatility. With a full range of mounting and case accessories, the Titan AX are the ultimate active sound solution. 

Based in Rainham, Essex, we are perfectly positioned to provide sales and support for all Wharfedale Pro products for London and the South East England including Essex, Kent, Herts, Suffolk and Sussex, as well as the rest of the UK via our fas and efficient mail order services. We will also be happy to at least match any genuine in stock UK price on these products. 

Wharfedale Pro Titan AX Series Brochure.pdf Download/View/Print.