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Wired Rack Patch Panels

Custom Rack Patch Panels

Every year we make hundreds of custom patch panels for the live music, studio, and broadcast industries. Front mounted wired rack panels make connection of equipment so much faster and easier than going round the back of rack enclosures and cases to hook your equipment up. All of our panels are totally reliable and we can supply from a range of connector and cable brands so we can fit your requirements, from budget rack patch panels to Neutrik X Series products for industry standard/pro applications.

Rack Panel Examples:

- Amp rack connection panels.
- Effects rack connector panels.
- Computer audio interface patching.
- Guitar system patch panels.

We can spec, built, and ship products throughout the UK and the rest of Europe. 

Almost anything is possible, but below you'll find some example panels. Ideal for power amplifier patching in live sound systems, and for all types of studio connections. 
These are just some examples. Please contact us with any custom requirements. 


Custom Wiring Panel Gallery

Below you'll see some examples of our custom work.