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Yamaha TF Series Digital Mixers

Yamaha TF Series digital mixing consoles represent the best in affordable digital live sound mixers. Creative live sound tools
packed with useful features and technology, all with decades of Yamaha technological DNA.

The excellent ergonomic design of TF Series makes working easy and pleasurable with a raked design with shallow fader tray and a raised screen/edit section that looks towards the user, not straight up at the sky!
Large numbers of inputs and outputs (TF5 has 32 analog inputs and 16 outs) making them suitable for all but the largest and most complex of stage setups.)

The huge effects processing power from eight legendary SPX andREV type processors available would more than justify the cost of these consoles alone, and the EQ and dynamics processing capabilities offer total control for every inout and output, foregoing the need for racks of outboard equipment. 'One-Knob' operation of compression and EQ parameters offers a simplified yet fast, intuitive and powerful parameter control option. 


'TouchFlow' operation makes using these desks fast and intuitive, with digital LCD colour coded channel labelling and a full colour touchscreen display that employs the same user protocols as Apple Ipad products. 

Additional software functionality and synergy is achieved with the inclusion of Steinberg Nuendo Live multitrack recording and editing software for PC or Mac (Steinberg has been wholly owned by Yamaha since 2005) and remote software control and personal monitoring solutions are provided by TFEditor (Windows/Mac) and by TFStageMix for Ipad and TFMonitorMix for Iphone.


Of course, none of this would matter if the audio front end was not up to scratch. Yamaha's recallable D-PRE mic preamps deliver flat/wide frequency response with extremely low noise and distortion. 

The TF Series also represent one of the most cost effective DANTE equipped products when fitted with the optional NY-64Dcard. DANTE (Digital Audio Networking Through Ethernet) offers high speed digital signal transmission with redundancy and is the first choice for professional digital audio networking.

TF Rack:

Clients requiring all the mixing, processing and networking power of the TF Series but without the fader/control surface should take a look at the TF Rack whch is now available. Essentially a TF1 in a rackmount box with 16 ins and 16 outs the TF Rack can be controlled via the various Yamaha software packages (TF StageMix, TF MonitorMix and Mac and Windows editors) or from the large full colour touch screen and rotary encoder on the front panel.

pdf brochures and guides. All open in new window. 

Yamaha TF Series Brochure. eng (pdf)
Production Partner TF Series Review (pdf)
TF Rack Brochure (pdf)
TF Series/Tio1608-D Setup Guide (pdf)
TF Series Live Recording with Nuendo Live (pdf)
ProsoundWeb TF-Rack Review (webpage)

Self Training and Product Videos:
Yamaha have produced a series of eight self training tutorial videos presented by Andy Cooper that provide guidance in TF Series use as well as more general product information. Click the image below to access the videos via a Youtube playlist. Opens in new window. 

Software Downloads:
Links to TF Series software and firmware update download pages. All open in new window.

TF Series Stagemix. iPad wireless mixing software. Free download. 
TF Series MonitorMix. Personal monitor mixing software for ipad and iphone. Free download.
TF Series editor for Windows
TF Series editor for Mac OS
TF Series Firmware update. 2.50-2

Based in the UK just to the East of London, The Noizeworks is perfectly positioned to provide sales and support to the Yamaha TF Series for clients in London, Essex, Herts, Sussex, Kent, and throughout the rest of the UK and Europe. Prices are a guide. We'll always try to at least match any genuine in stock offer.